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Ariel Luckey

I interviewed Oakland based activist and performer, Ariel Luckey, about his show the Free Land Project, a hip-hop theater piece that deals with a white man’s journey into the history of his family’s land. He covers the Homestead Act which granted pioneer white families expanses of land, stolen from Native Americans.  Ariel shares his thoughts on the origin’s of his theater project and what people should know about some common misconceptions about native peoples that are still passing as fact. Ariel has worked as an educator and entertainer who has been praised for taking a critical and honest look at the history of white people in America. This show was originally aired on Full Circle on October 15th, 2010 in honor of Indigenous People’s Day.

When the days are cold and you have a cold, nothing cures you up like a hot bowl of soup. I sat down and interviewed my sick girlfriend, Michelle, about a soup that she made me when I was sick. It’s a traditional chicken and rice soup porridge that she got from her mom called Arroz Caldo. This is the way we make it and are in full understanding and acknowledgment that there are other ways to do this. Enjoy!

This piece was originally aired on December 10th, 2010 on Full Circle on KPFA 94.1 FM.

Kash Gains is the co-founder of YAK Films, a film company based in East Oakland, CA which specializes in filming street dancers from around the world. Started from the photography department of a youth center, YAK Films has had several videos go viral on the internet and has shown the art of TURF dancing to the world. Check out their most known video.

Listen to the interview with Kash Gains originally aired on Full Circle on KPFA 94.1 FM on November 12th, 2010. for more information and videos.