East Bay Bike Party!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Radio pieces
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Image from pcnotpc on flickr

I went and talked to the folks from the East Bay Bike Party in September of 2010 to see what the ride was all about. Here is a collection of voices and sounds from that night. The theme? Wild West. There is another ride that is taking place tonight, November 12th meeting at 7:30pm at the San Leandro BART station. Cover your booty cuz the theme is pirates!

  1. Lindsay Poni says:

    I loves me some East Bay Bike parties!!!!!!!!! This was great getting to hear this, since I am missing the pirate bike party tonight>:( Until we ride again! Have a kick ass BIKE PARTY!!

  2. […] great piece about East Bay Bike Party?  No?  Well, you’re in luck.  All you have to do is visit this page, turn up your speakers or headphones, click the play button, and give it a listen.  A great way to […]

  3. Rose says:

    When is the next ride. I saw you guys on Moraga in Piedmont. Very cool.

    • shaolinbboy says:

      Hey Rose, thanks for the comment. The EBBP has its own page which is eastbaybikeparty.wordpress.com where you can get all of the info you need for their routes and meet-up spots. this thing happens on the 2nd friday of every month and folks are encouraged to get on their bike and have fun!

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